Marketing That Matters

How brilliant marketers avoid wasted work, get buy-in for new ideas, and create a more meaningful impact

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Marketing That Matters:

How brilliant marketers avoid wasted work, get buy-in for new ideas, and create a more meaningful impact

Marketing has an impact problem. We’re the only department that seems to report on activities, not results. Our peers treat us like order-takers and we do lots of stuff. But getting support for new ideas and positive change feels like an uphill battle.

Here’s the thing: The path to doing genuinely meaningful work is paved with results, not tasks.

Brilliant marketers today don’t just buy clicks or ads or create more content. They focus on driving business outcomes. They know how to champion the right ideas to trigger company-wide change and market-wide response. And it all starts when you stop focusing on tasks and start acting like leaders.

In this hour-long keynote, veteran marketer, inspiring entrepreneur and bestselling author Michael Brenner will show you how to champion the ideas that really matter to make the greatest impact for your organization and your career.

  • You’ll hear surprising stories from companies just like yours and hear how they empowered employees to stop wasting time and start driving amazing marketing results.
  • You’ll learn the simple tricks that marketers both veteran and new can use to push back on the things that don’t work and do more effective work.
  • And you’ll walk away with a powerful framework you can use to rally the entire organization around your most innovate ideas.

Having more impact does not require a loftier title. It requires a smarter approach to championing ideas.

Are you ready to do marketing that really matters.

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Michael has an unmatched ability to bring both simplicity and a sense of comfort to the complex, challenging, and ever-changing marketing world that we are facing today. His domain expertise and results helped the team see what is possible—you can feel the team’s excitement and energy after having heard from a proven thought leader.

Joseph Isaac
Global Product Marketing Leader
GE Healthcare